50 Great Myths of Human Sexuality seeks to dispel commonly accepted myths and misunderstandings surrounding human sexuality, providing an enlightening, fascinating and challenging book that covers the fifty areas the author’s believe individuals must understand to have a safe, pleasurable and healthy sex life.

  • Dispels/Explores commonly accepted myths and misunderstandings surrounding human sexuality

  • Includes comparisons to other countries and cultures exploring different beliefs and how societies can influence perceptions

  • Areas discussed include: pre-marital sex, masturbation, sexual diseases, fantasy, pornography, relationships, contraception,  and emotions such as jealousy, body image insecurity, passionate love and sexual aggression

  • Covers both heterosexual and same-sex relationships


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“Schwartz and Kempner have written a smart book on a wonderful topic: sex, courtship, romance, and attraction—the core of human life. It’s fully researched and packed with information important to all of us. It’s fascinating and everything you ever wanted to know about sex.” 

— Helen Fisher, Center for Human Evolutionary Studies in Department of Anthropology, Rutgers University.